Whats with the picture of Honest Abe?

You may have seen me, or what appears to be a very tiny me, with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on my sleeve. You may have even been astute enough to notice that same tiny me with Abe's signature on his shirt back. Well I'm here to lay the conspiracy theories to rest. I am Lincoln's dad. What's the point in a company name like Lynxtuff if you don't have a section of the website devoted to its namesake? Now before you try to picture our 16th president with last minute stickers on his top hat posing for his TQ and win of the Modified A main at 'birds with the trophy girls, let me introduce you to another Lincoln. The 2014 year model Lincoln. My Lincoln. Lincoln Andrew Doherty. He's the name on the sign and the reason we started making racing parts about 7 years ago. We originally called it "Linc's stuff" because we were constantly having to over protect his cars as he learned to drive. He's come a long way since the days when he had to sit and lay the transmitter in his lap because an M12 was too big to hold, and our products have developed along with him. His toughness remains however as well as our products. So to let you hear a little more from the [little]man himself, I'll turn this over to Lincoln. I apologize in advance if the following in a bit incoherent. I'm going to let him take the wheel for a bit so you can get to know him
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